How Effective Is Taekwondo In Mma?

Unless you’re going off to fight MMA bouts, you’re likely not looking at martial arts as a competitive sport. That seems even more true if you’re looking to involve your kids in them. But most folks wonder about their options and what the best martial art would be for themselves, and their children. Here are some of the options.


Karate originated in Japan and centers itself around deflecting attacks and teaching rudimentary striking techniques. It is practiced in martial arts competition, but is not useful for MMA combatants where striking disciplines like Muay Thai are much more popular. It’s ideal for those that are looking to learn self-defense techniques.


Aikido is another martial art that you will not find in the MMA. It’s governing principle is harmony of the spirit, not obliterating the opposition. It’s the only martial art that considers the safety of the attacker, and masters of Aikido are not fond of combat sports. The principle behind Aikido is to leverage an opponent’s momentum or aggression against them. It is just as much a spiritual discipline as it is a martial art.


Taekwondo is all about spectacular kicks. If you’ve Full Report ever seen Jean Claude Van Damme movies, you’ll know what I mean. Those who practice Taekwondo are taught agility, and balance. For those that stick with it, it can be a great resource for athletes and youngsters, but it’s probably to physically demanding for older folks.

Tai Chi

If you’re getting up there in age, Tai Chi may be the ideal martial art for you. While most Americans will not recognize it as a martial art, that is nonetheless exactly what it is. It is also find here a form a moving meditation that seeks to harmonize the mind’s connection to the body, and teaches breathing techniques that can be effective for relaxation and clarity.

Judo / Jiujitsu

Judo is a competitive sport, but it’s also very beneficial for those who wish to learn a martial art for self-defense. The premise behind Judo is to maximize the efficiency of an attack or a defense by expending the minimum amount of effort. It teaches various techniques in which a much smaller opponent, can defeat a much larger opponent. The focus behind this martial art is taking your opponent to the ground and then forcing them into a submission using various forms of joint locks and holds.

Kung Fu

Popularized by the David Carradine series, Kung Fu remains a staple of modern martial arts. While not effective in cage matches, the discipline centers around forms and spirituality, and largely credited as the inspiration for all other forms of martial art.

“There is a broad variety of martial arts out there for a reason,” says one instructor from Milpitas who teaches Taekwondo. “Each individual is seeking something personal from the experience.”

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